EWB Canada

A hypothetical rebrand of the non-profit organizaiton Engineers Without Borders Canada. The new brand focuses on three important traits: feistiness, transparency and humanity.

The new brand will need to remain professional while at the same time showing traits of being different and feisty.
Who is EWB Canada?

EWB Canada is an non-profit organization devoted to helping economic growth and working towards bringing new technologies to areas in rural Africa.

Why a Rebrand?

The current brand system used by EWB Canada does not successfully reflect the organizations underlying traits. A rebrand is needed to help the visual skin applied to their designed products work cohisively with one another, creating a brand that can be easily recognized and respected, all while capturing the ideas that make the company what it is.

Research for this project consisted of studying the company website, social media feeds, and documents provided by the organization.

Navigating and reading about the organization through their website allowed me to build an understanding on how they want to currently represent themselves to the public.

Social media feeds offered a bit of personality to the research. Reading through social media feeds allowed me to see more of a personal touch to the organization. How do they think, what do they promote, why are they doing what they do?

Reading documents like annual reports and failure reports gave me the ability to understand exactly what their ventures were driven towards. The failure reports stood out specifically. I’ve never seen an organization publicly admit their failures in the same was as EWB Canada.

Experimentation began when creating a logo for the brand. The logo uses the metaphor of a beehive. Five hexagons in a cluster represent the regions where EWB Canada currently does work, and the sixth is Canada falling into place. Alongside the typography, the logo is created.
The logo grows from sketch to final icon. We see experimentation in the cluster shape, colour, and type. Sorry it’s messy, but that’s the way this sort of thing goes.

Though EWB Canada will likely branch out in the future and begin to work with more African countries, the new identity will always signify a back story. The early stages where they only had power enough to help a select few countries. No matter how large EWB Canada grows, the logo will always bear the memory of humble beginnings.

The typography used along side the cluster maintains simplicity and legibility. It is important for the logo to be bilingual due to how wide spread the offices of EWB Canada are all over the country. The type needs to work for all geographic locations of the organization.

The colour red was selected because of it’s association with power and strength. Although EWB is a small organization to begin with, they pride themselves on being able to make a large difference with their efforts.

The applicaitons of the brand include recruitment posters, a failure report, social media curation, stationary, and a brand standards guide.