Freelance Design

Here you can see a few pieces of work completed for clients. I’ve been lucky in being able to successfully promote more experimental pieces. Just making my dreams come true.

The Garrick Theatre poster was designed to advertise an experimental film screening night in Bonavista, NL.

When watching the trailers for the films to be screened at the production, I found that there was a large focus on capturing the landscape of the east coast of Canada.

I worked with two photos from photographer Katherine Knight to create an east coast landscape in which the typography can exist. The poster uses close cropped rocks and water from one photo, and an upside down blurry image of flowing water to create the background and sky.

The typography takes on an experimental setting to relate to the idea of experimental films. There is an underlying twelve column grid that is loosely used, avoiding too many vertically aligning elements in order to maintain spontaneity, and hierarchy.

A book cover designed for The Madrigal, written by Dian Day. The cover captures ideas of twins, contrast in direction, and a pivotal moment in the novel.

The book revolves around twins who depart on separate directions in life. Nearing the climax of the novel, lightening strikes and this results in somewhat of an epiphany. These two elements of the novel became the foundation of the book cover.

Working with a photograph taken by Katherine Knight, I used typography to express ideas of contrasting direction, separation, and twins. This all sits on a background of lightening.

The typography is pulled apart and staggered, resulting in a feeling of separation and conflict. Futhermore the book title is reflected and laid on top of itself. This captures a replica of the title while showcasing a contrast in direction.

This work in progress is a collaboration with artist Katherine Knight. I am creating a photobook to curate a photo series titled BOAT.

BOAT is a photo series looking to capture model ships in various maritime landscapes, and on display. Some of the themes encoded into the photo series include collection, storytelling, and exploration.

The book is laid out to allow for multiple image sizes to harmonize with one another as the pages are flipped. The images submitted for the book vary in size, and orientation. This makes it important to purposfully vary their position on the grid. Trying to make all images sit in the same area will result in alignment issues, reducing the overall professionalism of the book.

On top of book design, I am also an occasional image retoucher for this project.

A logo created for a contracting firm that focuses on demolition, design, and renovation. Those three keywords wound up directing the process and are found in the company name itself (DDR).

Mishko DDR (Demolition, Design, and Removation) is a new general contracting firm located in Mississauga. They offer a wide spread of services for resedential and commercial client needs.

As with any new organization, Mishko DDR needs an image to represent themselves in order to build a reconizable and professional brand. The design of a logo can be demolished, renovated, and redesigned, capturing the companies attributes.

The logo designed remains simplisitic, yet diverse. There are several varriants of the logo that will allow for different grid systems to be used for supporting imagery and text.